TOSACA’S QUALITY POLICY, was founded in 1989, its main activity is based on the design, manufacture, tests and final inspection of safety valves, for fluids in general and in particular according to R.D. 709/2015 of July 24, 2016. To carry out its activity, TOSACA has an industrial warehouse for rent. TOSACA is present throughout the Spanish geography, and has begun its export to various countries around the world. TOSACA’s mission is to achieve total customer satisfaction, both in its requirements and in the legal and regulatory ones, it is an objective emanating from the property and shared by the entire organization and its achievement is, as its Manager, under my responsibility direct. By choosing us, TOSACA clients can be sure of finding a reliable response from the first contact to the final delivery of the works whose execution they have entrusted to us. The objective of the Quality Policy of our company is to consolidate this reality, constantly improving the quality of the work and the attention to the requirements of the interested parties, according to the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015. The Management System Quality described in the various processes has been developed under my direction and has my full support, to be able to work with continuous improvement. The organization with the supervision of the Management will evaluate the risks and opportunities, creating a robust company and with an attitude based on continuous improvement, based on processes and by the European Directive 2014/68 / EU, in compliance with Royal Decree 709 / 2015, cat. IV, annex III module B + D As Manager, I control and confirm all this documentation and notify all staff of the obligation to follow all the instructions derived from this process to reach the highest quality guarantee that we can offer. Management provides the necessary human, technical and economic resources, with the participation and collaboration of the Quality department. If problems or differences of opinion arise that cannot be resolved in accordance with this System, they must be submitted to me for final resolution. Mr. Pedro Cánovas TOSACA, S.A. March 27, 2018


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