This manual is a guidance for the maintenance and installation of TOSACA Safety relief valves. Please read these instructions carefully. It is recommended that all TOSACA instructions be read prior to any operation of this equipment.

This safety relief valves are designed to protect equipment from overpressure. The valve should be handled with care.
Safety relief valves should be inspected regularly. A weekly visual inspection is recommended for any leaks or rust points. Every year check on a test bench the seat, spring and gaskets, and replace the affected parts.
TOSACA recommends that all valves be placed on a regular maintenance schedule every two years depending on fluid, temperature or set pressure.

The safety relief valves are elements of precision, it must be to operate with extreme care.
The installer shall make sure that the safety valve he is to install is the one which has been designed for this application at this location.

The set Pressure of a safety valve cannot exceed the design pressure of the vessel on which it is installed.
TOSACA cannot be responsible for accelerated damages to components caused by corrosion or chemical attack by substances constituting or not the process fluid beyond reasonably foreseeable limits and provided the presence of these substances were clearly stated when the equipment was ordered.
The valves are supplied set at the required pressure and sealed.
TOSACA accepts no responsibility for valves which have been reset by unauthorised persons.
All warranties are void if the seal is broken.

The adjustment or modification of a safety valve setting can only be performed by competent and trained personal using an appropriate test installation fitted with accurate and calibrated pressure measuring equipment.

Specific design details described in this document are subject to change without notice. If you need assistance, contact with TOSACA technical department to or


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