TOSACA safety relief valves are a direct spring-loaded suitable for gas, liquid and steam service. The seat can be meta-metal, PTFE or viton.

The safety valves are set at ambient temperature.

Backpressure 10%. If backpressure is > 10% of set pressure then you must put bellows The allowable tolerances or limits as applicable on the operating characteristics are as follows:

a) Set pressure: +- 3% of set pressure. The operating pressure should not exceed 90% of set pressure.

b) Lift: not lower than the value specified by the manufacturer.

c) Overpressure:

Compressible fluids: 10%

Incompressible fluids: 25%

Fire case: 21%

d) Blowdown: not greater than the value stated by the TOSACA, but within the following limits:

Compressible fluids: minimum 7% maximum 10%

Incompressible fluids: minimum: 7% maximum: 20%


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