Dismantling, maintenance, assembly and setting shall be performed only by qualified personnel using adequate equipment and calibrated measure tools.

The warranty covers safety valves maintained and repaired only with TOSACA components and if TOSACA has given consent for the repair.

After revision, each safety valve shall be inspected and sealed by a personal authorised.  The valve shall be identified by an additional nameplate showing the authority proceeding to the adjustment.


Check the pipes are clean to avoid damages in the valve with particles or rust.

Once the valve was installed, check the requested set pressure is correct, then you can adjust like this:

1) Unlock the cap (piece nº 4), unscrew to the left.

2) Unscrew the lock nut (piece nº10) from the adjusting screw (piece nº 9) to the left.

3) Change the set pressure by the adjusting screw (piece nº 9) threading clockwise slowly to increase the set

pressure or unscrew to reduce set pressure.

When you have the requested set pressure, lock the lock nut (piece nº 10) and check again the set pressure.


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